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Chongqing Shengyuan kitchen to teach you the hotel kitchen equipment purchase knowledge

Release Date:2021-05-31 作者:admin 点击:4645

Now more and more people, put their eyes into the kitchen design and decoration, kitchen design and decoration is more importantKitchen equipmentThe purchase of kitchen equipment, then we should pay attention to what that?The following is a guide to the selection of kitchen equipment。

Kitchen equipment is generally divided into:

      1, conditioning equipment: mainly conditioning table, finishing, cutting vegetables, ingredients, modulation tools and utensils。

      2, cooking equipment: mainly include stoves, cookware and cooking related tools and utensils。With the process of kitchen revolution, rice cookers, high-frequency electromagnetic cooktops, microwave ovens, microwave ovens, etc., have also begun to enter the family in large numbers。

      3, washing equipment: including hot and cold water supply system, drainage equipment, washing basin, washing cabinet, etc., after washing in the kitchen operation of the garbage, should be set up garbage bins or sanitary buckets, etc., modern family kitchens should also be equipped with disinfection cabinets, food waste crusher and other equipment。

      4, storage equipment: it is divided into food storage and utensils storage two parts。Food storage is divided into cold storage and non-cold storage, cold storage is through the kitchen refrigerator, freezer and other equipment to achieve。Storage equipment refers to various bottom cabinets, hanging cabinets, corner cabinets, multi-functional decorative cabinets, etc。

The purchase principle of kitchen equipment has the following points:

      1, the principle of beauty kitchen equipment not only requires shape, color pleasing to the eye, but also durable, so it requires easier anti-pollution, good cleaning performance。

      2, the principle of fire prevention kitchen equipment surface should have fire prevention ability, regular kitchen equipment manufacturers to produce kitchen equipment surface layer materials are all made of non-combustible, flame retardant materials。

      3, the principle of hygiene kitchen equipment should have the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches, mice, ants and other contaminated food function, in order to ensure the internal quality of the entire kitchen equipment。

      4, the principle of convenience The operation in the kitchen should have a reasonable process, in the design of kitchen equipment, can be designed according to the correct process of the arrangement of various parts, is very important for the future use of convenience。Then the height of the stove, the position of the cabinet, etc., all directly affect the convenience of use, to choose in line with the principles of human engineering and kitchen operating procedures of the kitchen equipment。