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Hotel kitchen fire safety management measures

Release Date:2021-05-31 作者:admin 点击:4650

In view of the current situation of the vast majority of kitchens, Xiaobian believes that strengthening the fire safety management of hotel kitchens is the focus of fire protection work。

1. Increase fire safety education for hotel kitchen staff, regularly train them, and formulate corresponding fire safety management。

2. The walls next to the kitchen stove, the lampblack hood and other easily polluted places should be cleaned every day, and the lampblack pipe cleaning should be cleaned at least once every six months。

3, all kinds of cookware used in the kitchen, should be tested by the national quality inspection department qualified products, do not covet cheap and choose unqualified appliances。

4. The gas and fuel pipelines and valves in the kitchen must be checked regularly to prevent leakage。If gas leakage is found, first close the valve, timely ventilation, and strictly prohibit the use of any open flame and start the power switch。

5, the electrical facilities in the kitchen should be strictly in accordance with the national technical specifications, and the phenomenon of "replacing aluminum with copper" is strictly prohibited。Electrical switches, sockets and other electrical equipment used in the kitchen,Preferably closed,Prevent water from seeping in,And should be installed away from the gas, liquefied gas cooker place,So as not to generate sparks when opened to cause the leakage of gas and liquefied gas combustion,All kinds of mechanical equipment operating in the kitchen shall not be overloaded with electricity,And should always pay attention to prevent electrical equipment and lines from being damp during use。

6, after the end of the work, the operator should close all the gas and fuel valves in time, cut off the power supply and fire source。