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Do you know all about the rules governing canteen equipment?

Release Date:2021-05-31 作者:admin 点击:4674

Chongqing ShengyuanKitchen equipmentIn order to extend the service life of the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment and personal life, the company has formulated:

Steam equipment (including gas steam engine, electric steam engine)

1, in order to ensure safety, must be dedicated, without approval of others may not use。All users must understand the performance of the equipment, rated air pressure and operating procedures。The responsible person should do a good job of equipment maintenance, scrub frequently, keep the equipment clean and food hygiene。。When problems are found in the work, the intake valve should be closed first, and then the high pressure valve should be opened, and then the maintenance should be carried out after the air is discharged。Fill food or articles, not more than the specified amount, to prevent air blockage accidents。

Regulations on the use of raw processing equipment (including noodle machine and noodle press)

1, in order to ensure the use of equipment and safety, all kinds of equipment to be assigned to the use of personnel, the use of equipment, are not allowed to wear gloves to operate the machine, lesbian must be long hair into the work cap, do not wear accessories to work。Do not reach into the machine until it has stopped。Before starting the machine, dry your hands and then press the switch.Avoid electric shock accident。When using the machine should be checked first, not overload operation, so as not to damage the machine and equipment。After the work is finished, clean it in time and cover the dust cover to avoid rust and pollution of the equipment。When leaving the post, the tool should be put back in place, cut off the power before leaving。

Cold storage equipment (freezer, refrigerator, etc.)

1. Use, management and maintenance by custodian or designated person。Check and clean frequently to keep the equipment clean and prevent rust。Clean the refrigerator once a month to prevent odors。Reasonable use of equipment, so that regular storage, access, not arbitrarily switched。